By NewsDesk @bactiman63

In a follow-up on the Shigella outbreak among apes at the ABQ BioPark Zoo (HERE and HERE), zoo officials announced the fourth death in an infant siamang.

According to zoo officials, Rue, the infant siamang, passed away in the early hours Monday morning. While Rue marks the ABQ BioPark’s fourth loss from the Shigella infection, the BioPark is cautiously optimistic that the other apes are on the road to recovery. Most are feeling well and have resumed normal levels of activity.

All four orangutans can be seen outdoors daily. Pixel, the youngest orangutan, has been especially playful and delighting guests as he interacts with new enrichment. Almost all of the gorillas venture outdoors each day to play, socialize and eat. The BioPark’s new silverback Kojo is frequently seen protecting his companions Nia and Samantha with vigorous displays. On a recent afternoon, the chimpanzee troop scampered throughout their yard collecting coveted fruit juice popsicles.

Male gorillas Hasani and Jack are on a slower road to recovery but showing increased levels of activity and appetite every day. The animal care staff is encouraged by Hasani’s enthusiastic participation in training sessions and the return of Jack’s healthy appetite. Female chimpanzee Rainey recently tested positive for Shigella and is showing signs of improvement. Social interaction is critical to a chimpanzee’s wellness, and staff closely monitor her behavior and diet when she joins the troop on exhibit each day. Desi has also returned to regular activity with the troop.

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