The Department of Public Health announced that a  yellow fever vaccination campaign began Jun 9 and will run through Jun 18.


A total of 135, 571 people aged 6 months and older will be vaccinated against yellow fever during this period in the municipalities of Cambundi-Catembo, Cahombo, Quela and Cangandala, in the routine campaigns to immunize citizens in the Malanje province, officials note.

According to the head of the Department of Public Health of the Provincial Health Department, Messias Simão,  the objective of the campaign is to eradicate the disease that has already caused the death of many people and will phase out the other municipalities according to the national vaccination schedule.

The yellow fever outbreak, which was first detected in Angola in December 2015, had caused 965 confirmed cases of yellow fever across the two countries (Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo-DRC), with thousands more cases suspected.  The last case detected in Angola was on 23 June 2016 and DRC’s last case was on 12 July the same year.


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