By Jory Lange and Candess Zona-Mendola

Another ground beef Salmonella outbreak is making the news today.  8 people have been hospitalized and 1 person has died in this Salmonella outbreak.  4 states are affected in this Salmonella outbreak:  Colorado, Kansas, California, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Texas.  3 people in Colorado, 2 people in Kansas, 2 people in California, and 1 person each in Iowa, Oklahoma, and Texas have gotten Salmonella in this outbreak.  The outbreak strain is Salmonella Dublin.

Ground beef/CDC

Ground Beef the Likely Source

The CDC reports that ground beef is a likely source of this Salmonella outbreak.  A single, common supplier of ground beef has not yet been identified:

  • In interviews, ill people report eating different types and brands of ground beef purchased from many different locations.
  • Laboratory testing identified the outbreak strain of Salmonella Dublin in repackaged leftover ground beef collected from an ill person’s home in California.
  • This outbreak investigation is ongoing and CDC will update the public if more information becomes available.

August and September Salmonella Infections

7 people in August and 3 people in September were infected with Salmonella in this outbreak.  The first person was diagnosed with Salmonella on August 8th.  The most recently reported person was diagnosed with Salmonella in late September.