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The Rospotrebnadzor Administration for the Republic of Tyva, aka Tuva reports ona a confirmed diagnosis of anthrax in a 29-year-old resident of the Bizhiktig-Khaya village of Barun-Khemchik kozhuun.

Bacillus anthracis bacteria

The infection of a young man occurred during the slaughter and butchering of cattle.

Officials say the patient presented with fever, soreness of the lymph nodes, the appearance of characteristic black necrotic ulcers on the skin. The patient is currently receiving all the necessary treatment at the Infectious Disease Hospital.

In order to localize and eliminate the focus of a dangerous, pathogenic infectious disease, at the suggestion of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor in the Republic of Tuva, the Acting Head of the Republic of Tuva, from June 3, introduced restrictive measures (quarantine) on the territory of the Bizhiktig-Khaya rural settlement of the Barun-Khemchik kozhun, where entry and exit is prohibited transport, an examination of each resident is carried out with the appointment of emergency preventive treatment, vaccination against anthrax is carried out, the circle of contact persons is expanded, veterinary measures, disinfection in the outbreak, a possible delivery of meat products to food units, vaccination of farm animals.

The risks of cases of infection with anthrax of animals arise when soil foci of anthrax are activated, abnormal natural phenomena contribute to the spread of the pathogen over long distances, getting on the soil, pastures, water bodies. Routine immunization of livestock against anthrax is prophylactically important; often, animal owners do not attach importance to measures to protect against infections.

Tuva or Tyva is located in far southern Siberia and its capital city of Kyzyl is located near the geographic “center of Asia”.