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A man was sickened with anthrax in the North Kazakhstan region, according to a report in Sputnik News (computer translated).

Cutaneous anthrax lesion /CDC

Deputy head of the regional department of sanitary and epidemiological control, Arman Kushbasov said Friday, a resident of the village of Gorkovskoye, Akzhar district, arrived at the medical facility with a complaint about the presence of edema in the wrist, the appearance of yellow blisters, and a change in skin color. Later, an ulcer appeared, covered with a thin dry black crust.

The symptoms indicated anthrax disease, of which the regional department of sanitary and epidemiological control received an emergency notification. Experts have started an epidemiological investigation.

“It was established that the patient participated in a special slaughter of a cow. He helped to butcher the carcass and wasn’t wearing gloves. Material was taken from the patient for laboratory research. In the contents of the carbuncle, the anthrax DNA was detected by the PCR method,” Kushbasov informed.

Eight soil samples were taken at the place of slaughter, a water sample from a watering hole, a litter sample where the slaughtered animal was kept. A study is carried out, after which it is possible to establish the source of infection in livestock. In the same agricultural formation, the death of one head of cattle was later recorded.

“The circle of contact persons has been determined – 57 people. For them within 14 days, daily medical supervision will be established: clinical examination, daily examination of the skin with double thermometry. Emergency antibiotic prophylaxis has been prescribed. disinfection in foci of infection at the place of work and residence, “Kushbasov informed.

Nurlan Aimanov, the deputy head of the health department, said that the condition of the hospitalized person was of moderate severity and stabile.

“The diagnosis of anthrax was confirmed. The patient has a cutaneous form of anthrax. Other forms are excluded. – said Aymanov.