A 43-year-old resident of the village of Karadzhalo, Gardabani town in Kvemo Kartli region in southeastern Georgia is being treated for anthrax and COVID-19, according to a Sputnik News-Georgia report (computer translated).

Cutaneous anthrax lesion /CDC

According to the Imedi TV channel, the woman, on the advice of a relative, consulted a doctor because of a wound on her arm. Tests confirmed she had anthrax.

“She came to us with suspected anthrax, as she had a wound covered with black film on her little finger. She also had a fever. We tested her for an ulcer and a coronavirus due to her temperature. The tests came back positive for both coronavirus and anthrax, “said Papuna Bakhtadze, director of the Rustavi clinic.

The woman is now isolated and is being treated for two diseases at once.