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Since the beginning of June, three anthrax cases have been reported in Sin Ho district, Lai Chau province in northwestern Vietnam.

Bacillus anthracis bacteria

The three anthrax patients were all in Chan Nua commune, Sin Ho district, Lai Chau province. All three people participated in slaughtering and eating dead buffalo meat suspected of having anthrax from people in the commune.

According to the leader of the Center for Disease Control of Lai Chau province, the disease situation is not stable due to the local source of infection, many people participate in slaughtering and eating dead buffalo meat and anthrax bacteria when producing spores can survive for a long time in the soil.

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More new cases may be recorded if people do not well implement measures to prevent and control the epidemic in both humans and animals.

The Health sector recommends, not to trade or transport products from sick, dead, or suspected diseased animals.

The Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control of Chan Nua Commune organized the collection and destruction of more than 40 kg of remaining food from the diseased buffaloes and destroyed them according to the regulations of the veterinary agency.

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