In a follow-up to the ongoing reports on the anthrax outbreak in Sirajganj District in Bangladesh, local media report that the total human cases reported has topped 100 in the past month, calling it the “highest ever anthrax infection across the country”.

The district has now seen 106 cases as more than a dozen additional were reported from Shazadpur and Kamarkhand upazilas (counties). There were no reports of fatalities.

According to Sirajganj Civil Surgeon Dr Shahid Md Sadikul Islam, “A total of 106 anthrax infected patients have been identified in a month in Shahzadpur, Kamarkhand and Ullapara upazilas of the district in a month. Of them 44 were found in the single village of Ullapara’s Koira Soratola village, 32 in Kamarkhand and 30 in Shahzadpur upazila.”

The outbreak has been linked to the slaughter and consumption of anthrax infected animals, which prompted government officials to issue a stop order on the slaughter of infected animals. In addition, health officials are trying to educate the public of the risks and medical teams are in the region to battle the outbreak.

What is anthrax?

Cutaneous anthrax lesion/CDC
Cutaneous anthrax lesion/CDC