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In a follow-up on the suspect monkeypox case reported earlier this week in Buenos Aires, The National Ministry of Health reports that the result of the PCR amplification reaction of the sample taken from the first high-probability case is positive, which confirms infection with poxviruses belonging to the Eurasian-African group of the Orthopox genus. This result is consistent with the observation made by negative staining by transmission electron microscopy, where viral particles of said viral genus were detected.


Subsequently, genomic sequencing was performed using the Sanger method, which yielded a very high percentage of homology with Monkeypox sequences from the West African clade, like all those that are being found in new cases of monkeypox around the world. The patient is in good condition, undergoing symptomatic treatment and his close contacts are under clinical and epidemiological control without presenting symptoms to date.

On the other hand, the appearance of a new suspected case of monkeypox resident in Spain, who is visiting the province of Buenos Aires and who has no connection with the first case, was reported.

The person has ulcerative lesions without other associated symptoms, arrived in the country on May 25 and symptoms began yesterday, May 26, 2022. The patient is in good general condition, isolated, and receiving symptomatic treatment. His close contacts are under strict clinical and epidemiological follow-up, all of them being asymptomatic to date. The samples for etiological diagnosis are being analyzed at the Electron Microscopy Service, Department of Virology, INEI-ANLIS “Dr. Carlos G. Malbran”.

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