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Argentina COVID-19 death toll

Earlier this week, Argentina hit a tragic milestone that only three other South American countries have reached–topping more than 100,000 deaths linked to COVID-19. Brazil, Peru and Colombia have already eclipsed the 100,000 death mark.


This occurred on Wednesday and as of this report, 100,695 deaths have been recorded.

On Wednesday, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director Carissa F. Etienne said while “COVID infections, hospitalizations and deaths are dropping across most of the continent, including in Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, and Chile, cases are rising in Argentina.”

As of this publication, Argentina has reported 4,719,952 total COVID-19 cases have been reported, the eighth highest total in the world.

The Ministry of Health confirms more Delta variants in travelers

The Ministry of Health of the Nation confirmed Monday another nine positive cases of Delta variant in travelers from the United States, Mexico and Paraguay.

So far, Argentina has not confirmed cases with a Delta variant in people without a history of traveling abroad or related to an international traveler.

Of the new cases detected, six are residents of the City of Buenos Aires and three from the province of Buenos Aires. After their arrival in the country, they carried out isolations in hotels in the CABA and homes, according to national regulations and in accordance with the provisions of the jurisdictions.

It should be noted that in three of the cases they are adults who were vaccinated during their stay in Miami, United States.

The Ministry of Health recommends that the population:

● Postpone travel
● Keep land borders closed
● Prohibition of entry of non-resident foreigners in the country
● Requirement of a negative molecular biology test with a maximum notice of 72 hours. prior to the trip and a test upon entry to the country for people entering by international flights through the authorized airports (Ezeiza, Aeroparque and San Fernando) and the Buenos Aires Port terminal.
● Those with a positive antigen test upon arrival in the country, should perform isolation in specific hotels in the City of Buenos Aires.
● Obligation to keep isolation for all international travelers for a term of 7 days after entry (according to the indications of each jurisdiction)
● Obligation to carry out a molecular test on the seventh day of admission.


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