Is Argentina in the middle of a dengue fever epidemic today? I guess that depends on who you listen to.


On Friday, Health Minister Jorge Lemus said, “We already have an epidemic of Dengue fever,” noting that the mosquito borne virus was now present in Buenos Aires. “The entire City is at risk. The contagion can occur anywhere,” said City Health Minister Ana María Bou Pérez in a interview.

However, it was reported over the weekend that the Health Ministry’s Epidemiology Director, Jorge San Juan, disputed the statements by Lemus and Perez. “There is no such gravity, San Juan noted. San Juan pointed out that current outbreak was no more severe in its development than in previous years.

1,100 cases have been reported nationwide. Dengue generally spikes in four- to six-year cycles, and the last epidemic occurred in 2009 when 27,943 were infected and five people died.

In 2015, Argentina reported 3,935 dengue cases and no deaths.

The whole of the Americas reported 2,317,354 cases and 1,174 deaths. Brazil accounted for the bulk of both cases and deaths with 1,649,008 (71%) and 863 (73.5%), respectively.