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Manuela Cabello, director of the Oscar Orías Hospital, confirmed the first six cases of dengue in the summer season. They were detected in the area of ​​Libertador General San Martín.

Aedes aegypti/CDC

“Six positive cases of dengue were detected out of a total of 119 suspected cases,” said Manuela Cabello when asked by Channel 7 of Jujuy, adding that these are cases of serotype 1 (DENV-1), which generally causes mild signs.

the provincial Ministry of Health continues to promote the campaign “No space for dengue: Descacharrá! with scrapping actions to avoid the proliferation of the disease-transmitting mosquito.

Likewise, the health portfolio carries out epidemiological surveillance of dengue throughout the year, given the climatic and geographical conditions that favor the proliferation of the insect (Aedes aegypti).

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“In addition, the door-to-door awareness campaign is carried out, so it is necessary to keep home environments clean, such as patios and vacant lots, to avoid the formation of breeding sites,” concluded Cabello.

In 2020, the province of Jujuy reached a record for dengue infections, with almost 5,000 cases, most of them located in the Yungas region, according to official reports.

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