Since July 2017, Brazilian health authorities have reported 545 confirmed yellow fever cases and 164 deaths.


In January, the Netherlands reported on a imported yellow fever case in the country in a traveler to Brazil. the patient who has since recovered was a 46-year-old unvaccinated male patient, who traveled to and stayed in Maripora, São Paulo State, Brazil since mid December, was confirmed positive for yellow fever upon return to the Netherlands on Jan. 8.

Now both Argentina and France are reporting imported yellow fever cases in travelers to Brazil in recent weeks.

Two women from Buenos Aires, Argentina were confirmed positive for yellow fever, according to a G1 Globo report (computer translated). The two contracted the disease in Brazil, in the city of Ilha Grande, in Rio de Janeiro.

In addition, The French Ministry of Health confirmed a yellow fever case in a unvaccinated woman who traveled through Minas Gerais recently, according to an report (computer translated).

In January, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their travel notice for Brazil and yellow fever, which contains a link to a list of all cities in Brazil for which yellow fever vaccination has been recommended since before the recent outbreaks.

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