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The Epidemiology Directorate of La Pampa issued a health alert due to three cases of suspected psittacosis in General Pico, town located 135 kilometers north of Santa Rosa.

Thick-billed Parrot

The individuals were hospitalized.

Psittacosis, aka Parrot fever is a disease caused by bacteria called Chlamydophila psittaci. It is usually transmitted by inhaling the agent from dried droppings or secretions of infected birds.

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Patients with psittacosis usually present fever, headache, rash, muscle pain, chills and dry cough. Pneumonia may sometimes occur, and occasional complications include encephalitis, myocarditis and thrombophlebitis.

The disease can be treated effectively with antibiotics. The disease is not normally transmitted from person to person.

Officials recommend that people who have been in contact with any of these birds and show symptoms consult the nearest Health Center. In addition, buy birds in authorized premises, as long as they are allowed species and with veterinary advice.

Lastly they advised “not to buy birds on the street from street vendors or through social networks, not to capture wild birds and avoid lifting birds from the ground that cannot fly and keep the cages clean, sanitize daily with 10% bleach and in well-ventilated places ”.

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