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Given the winter vacation break and the confirmation of human cases of yellow fever in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, and in the departments of Beni and Santa Cruz in Bolivia in recent months, it is recommended to intensify surveillance actions in people and non-human primates. Likewise, reinforce prevention and control actions, in order to minimize the risk of reintroduction of yellow fever (YF) in the country and keep travelers who travel to areas where vaccination against yellow fever is recommended and vaccinated. 

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The National Calendar contemplates the vaccination of people residing in areas with risk of viral circulation such as the provinces of Misiones, Corrientes and Formosa and some departments of Chaco, Salta and Jujuy:

● First dose: between 12 and 18 months of age.
● Booster: at 11 years for those who started the scheme before 24 months.
● Single dose: between 2 and 59 years for those who did not start the scheme before 24 months of age.

Yellow fever

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Recommendations for people who travel

Vaccination is recommended if your destination is an area with a proven risk of yellow fever transmission or if required by the country to which you are traveling because you come from one of these areas. Those who do not present contraindications or precautions to receive it or have not previously received the vaccine should receive this vaccine at least ten days before arriving at the destination .

A single dose is enough to protect you throughout your life. Argentina does not require the presentation of the international vaccination certificate to enter the country.

For more information on which countries require the yellow fever vaccine, refer to the following link: Yellow fever transmission risk areas

Other prevention strategies

● Wear light clothing that covers arms and legs, especially during outdoor activities.
● Avoid staying in open spaces during the hours where there are more mosquitoes: from sunset until late at night.
● Always use repellents, carefully following the recommendations on the package and renew the application, especially if it has been in contact with water or if it has perspired profusely.
● Avoid the reproduction of mosquitoes, emptying all containers that accumulate water.


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In the context of travel, it is important to have all the vaccines on the National Calendar and the COVID-19 vaccine up to date applied according to their age. It is recalled that other diseases that circulate in other parts of the world, such as measles, rubella and poliomyelitis, can also be prevented with vaccines. The simultaneous application of the yellow fever vaccine with other vaccines is safe and effective.

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