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The Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires together with the Ministry of Health of the Nation of Argentina recently reported a confirmed case of human rabies, according to a Communique from the Uruguay Ministry of Health.

Image/Robert Herriman

Argentina has not reported a case of human rabies since 2008; however, it registered cases in bats every year in several provinces including Buenos Aires.

The case involved a 33-year-old woman living in Coronel Suárez, south center of the Province of Buenos Aires, who had consulted the health service on April 18 due to nervous symptoms (weakness in upper limbs and altered sensation ) that evolved into a deterioration in the level of consciousness, leading to a coma and subsequent death.

During the investigation and talks with her relatives, the antecedent of a bite by a feline emerged at the beginning of March, and she had not consulted at that time. In this case, by genetic sequencing, the rabies variant has been identified as a bat.