During the first eight weeks of 2016, Argentina health officials are reporting the first chikungunya outbreak in the country as more than 1,000 cases have been recorded.


1,030 suspected cases were investigated across the country for chikungunya. Of these suspected cases, 55 tested positive for the infection (30 were classified as autochthonous cases and 25 as imported). An additional 4 probable cases were also reported. The majority of the laboratory-confirmed autochthonous cases (29) were from the province of Salta, specifically from the cities of Tartagal (27) and Apolinario Saravia (2). The remaining confirmed autochthonous case was reported from the city of San Pedro in the province of Jujuy.

This compares the the whole of 2015 when Argentina when 1,281 suspected cases were investigated for the chikungunya virus.

This is the first time that autochthonous transmission of chikungunya is reported in Argentina. The affected area is situated next to the border with Bolivia where the virus has been known to circulate for a number of years.