The western states of Arizona and Nevada, plus Alaska and Hawaii are the four states remaining without a confirmed case of the serious respiratory virus circulating this year, Enterovirus D68(EV-D68).


From mid-August to October 21, 2014, CDC or state public health laboratories have confirmed a total of 938 people in 46 states and the District of Columbia with respiratory illness caused by EV-D68.

At least 7 people who died tested positive for EV-D68.

CDC expects that, as with other enteroviruses, EV-D68 infections will likely begin to decline by late fall.

CDC has received informal reports from some hospitals and states that are seeing signs of decreasing EV-D68 infections. CDC is gathering more information from states and assessing whether this represents a national trend.

Every year, enteroviruses and rhinoviruses cause millions of respiratory illnesses in children. This year, EV-D68 has been the most common type of enterovirus identified, leading to increases in illnesses among children and affecting those with asthma most severely. Other rhinoviruses and enteroviruses continue to be detected as well.