Arizona Department of Health director, Will Humble wrote on his blog today that the total measles case count in the state has risen to seven.

Measles rash Image/CDC
Measles rash

Humble writes: This week over 1000 contacts were identified among our now 7 measles cases.  Here’s a quick summary:

  • One of the kids from the original unvaccinated family had been to a couple of urgent care facilities (while sick with measles), exposing 18 kids to the illness.  Many of them were less than 1 year old (the first MMR is given at 1-year), and 13 of the 18 kids were completely unvaccinated.
  • A Maricopa County woman developed measles after being exposed by the initial family.  She may have exposed individuals at the Phoenix Children’s East Valley Center  over a two day period. Phoenix Children’s and Maricopa County Public Health are following up with the families of the 195 children who may have been exposed.
  • Pinal County Public Health confirmed a 5th case of measles in a man who was exposed to the family of four other cases identified last week residing in the Kearny area.  Pinal County has contacted the places of business where the patient went and they’re helping the health department by placing signs at their entrances to inform customers and employees that they could have been exposed if they were in these locations during specific timeframes.  Pinal County is also publicizing the times and places in hopes of finding contacts.

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