He was admitted to the Nebraska Medical Center, the country’s largest biocontainment unit, on October 6 after contracting Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) while on assignment in Ebola-stricken Liberia, now great new coming from Nebraska, 33-year-old NBC freelancer, Ashoka Mukpo has been tested for the virus and shown to be Ebola fee, according to the hospital.

Ashoka Mukpo is Ebola free Image/Facebook
Ashoka Mukpo is Ebola free

Mukpo will be released from Nebraska this morning.  “Recovering from Ebola is a truly humbling feeling,” said Mukpo. “Too many are not as fortunate and lucky as I’ve been. I’m very happy to be alive. I want to say a big thanks to the Nebraska Medical Center’s medical staff. Amazing people. I’m profoundly lucky to have been treated by such professionals.”

Mukpo took to Twitter late last night to tweet:  “Just got my results. 3 consecutive days negative. Ebola free and feeling so blessed. I fought and won, with lots of help. Amazing feeling.” Mukpo spent almost 3 weeks in the biocontainment unit.

Nebraska 2, Ebola 0!

Mr. Mukpo is the second Ebola patient to be successfully treated for the lethal viral disease. 51-year-old SIM USA physician, Dr. Rick Sacra arrived at the Nebraska Medical Center for Ebola treatmenton Sept. 5 after contracting Ebola in Liberia. He was released on Sept. 25 after testing negative for the virus.

Last night, Dr. Rick Sacra offered these words of encouragement to Ashoka Mukpo upon hearing he was Ebola-free:

“Congratulations to Ashoka for making it through this, and congratulations to the team and the Nebraska Biocontaintment Unit. It’s now Nebraska 2, Ebola zero.”

“It’s a wonderful team of people. It’s my team.”

“I wish Ashoka all the best.”

Yesterday, the National Institutes of Health upgraded the status of Dallas, TX nurse, Nina Pham, from “fair” to “good”.

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