Earlier this week, we reported on the summer surge of dengue fever in the Philippines where some 25,000 cases were reported in July. Other countries in the region are also seeing high numbers of the mosquito borne viral disease.

Southeast Asia/Hariboneagle927
Southeast Asia/Hariboneagle927

In Thailand, a total of 31,363 cases were reported from all 77 provinces through Aug. 15. This includes 25 dengue-related fatalities.

Provinces reporting the highest incidence of dengue include Maehongsorn, Chiengmai, Bungkan, Rayong and Songkla.

Malaysia’s dengue case count has topped 70,000 with 70,990 cases reported through Thursday. The country has seen 153 dengue related fatalities through last Saturday.

Selangor state has accounted for more than 50 percent of the cases (37,635) followed by Johor (8,478), Kuala Lumpur (5,629) and Perak (2,601).

Vietnam reported nearly 2,000 dengue cases the last week of July. The country has reported 48,798 cases including 14 deaths, reported in 48 out of 63 provinces in Viet Nam through the first seven months of 2016.

Compared to the same period in 2015 (18,432 cases including 12 deaths), the number of cases was 2.5 times higher.