Health officials in Auckland, NZ have reported an additional measles case in a man in his 30s, bringing the total confirmed cases this year to 10.

New Zealand/CIA
New Zealand/CIA

Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) is following up with family, work or social contacts of this new case who may have been exposed to the virus.

Medical Officer of Health, Dr William Rainger says ARPHS asks if the contacts have been vaccinated for measles and if not, requests they go into quarantine and look out for symptoms.

 “Members of the public are sometimes exposed to the virus as measles cases are usually infectious before they feel sick. They often aren’t aware that they might be exposing others.

 “People with measles who go to work, shops or other public places usually do not know they are contagious as this happens before the rash comes out.

 “There are currently 62 non-immune people in quarantine because they have been close to someone with measles. These people know they need to stay at home, away from others and are respecting this request.

“We have followed up 945 contacts this year, and we have found that many of these contacts are immune because they are over 50, or have had an MMR vaccination in their lifetime,” Dr Rainger says.