This podcast is from a February 2015 radio interview with Sybil Meister. Sybil is the mother of  Koral Reef Meister Pier, a young lady from California who contracted the rarely encountered parasite, Balamuthia mandrillaris in March 2013.

Unfortunately, Koral lost her battle against the 95% fatal amoeba in Oct. 2014.

I had the opportunity and honor to talk to Sybil and their family friend, Ebony Parker about Koral’s life and her Balamuthia infection.

Visit and support the Team Koral Reef  Amoeba awareness Facebook page

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Balamuthia infection is very rare but often causes fatal disease. Since Balamuthia was first discovered in 1986, about 200 cases of infection have been reported worldwide. This number includes at least 70 confirmed cases in the United States.

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Image/Team Koral Reef Amoeba Awareness
Image/Team Koral Reef Amoeba Awareness