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With all the news surrounding the death of a Kerala state, India child from Nipah virus earlier this week, the Bangladesh Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) just updated their Nipah case count for 2021.

According to their data, two Nipah virus cases have been reported in Bangladesh this year, down from six in 2020.

No deaths were recorded and no details were released about the patients, the dates or their location.

This brings Bangladesh’s Nipah totals since 2001 to 321 cases and 225 deaths, accounting for a 70 percent fatality rate.

Nipah virus is one of the pathogens in the World Health Organization R&D Blueprint list of epidemic threats needing urgent R&D action. Nipah virus was first identified during an outbreak of disease that took place in Malaysia in 1998. Both animal-to-human and human-to-human transmission have been documented. Well  more than 600 cases of Nipah virus human infections have been reported since the Malaysia outbreak. Subsequent outbreaks in India and Bangladesh have occurred with high case fatality.

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