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The Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forests, and Fisheries reported today the first avian influenza, or bird flu outbreak of the 2021 winter season. The outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) was confirmed at an egg-laying chicken farm in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture.

Image/wernerdetjen via pixabay

Some 143,000 chickens have been culled. The ministry notes that they added restricted zones up to 10 kms (6.2 miles) from the poultry farm.

Agriculture officials say they will take all possible measures as per the guidelines, which can include in addition to restricted zone: suspending exports, disinfection around the outbreak farm and set disinfection points on major roads and dispatching epidemiological teams.

They also note that there is no possibility that bird flu will infect humans by eating chicken or chicken eggs.

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