With the enormous amount of news and information concerning avian influenza, or bird flu, avian cases

Public domain image/Ben Rudiak-Gould
Public domain image/Ben Rudiak-Gould

and human, I thought it was necessary to bring back Mike Coston with Avian Flu Diary on the Outbreak News This Week Radio Show this Sunday to help sort out everything that is happening in Europe, Asia and closer to home in British Columbia and the northwestern United States.

In addition, your humble correspondent covered some vaccine related stories– Anti-vaccine website pushes the limits of absurdity suggesting vaccine-homosexuality link and Vaccine against prion disease, chronic wasting disease, developed by NYU researchers.

Herriman also looked at Ebola screening recommendations for organ donors and the new FDA recommendations for MSM blood donors.

After the interview with the bird flu expert Coston, Herriman discussed the discovery on the novel Bourbon virus, the great news out of Africa concerning decreasing numbers of polio cases and the tragedy in Cambodia with the large percentage of HIV infections in one remote village.

Listen to the complete podcast below:

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