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The Ministry of Health and Sports reported this Thursday night the outbreak of a new case of monkeypox, bringing the total to 11 males in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and announced that epidemiological efforts will be redoubled in order to verify the work carried out by the Departmental Health Service (SEDES) to contain the disease, in addition to coordinating the treatment of patients with the municipality, in the Isolation Center.

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“We have to announce a new case in the city of Santa Cruz, it is a 42-year-old male, of Bolivian nationality, so with this new case we would have 11 cases in the country,” said the National Director of Epidemiology, Freddy Armijo.

Only during this day there were 5 new infections, adding 11 in Bolivia and more than 50 suspects who are being investigated in the eastern city, which forces the containment brigades to redouble efforts to control the further spread of the simian disease.

Armijo explained that some adjustments will be made from the management under his charge to effectuate better epidemiological control of this outbreak, which is why he said that the cases will be monitored in the field, that is, there will be greater control of the contacts they had. patients who have tested positive so far.

“In total, 42 suspects were analyzed until this morning, 5 of them were positive. The spread of this disease is not like the chaos of COVID-19 but rather slow because for contagion it requires a close approach between people,” he pointed out.

He asked the population not to enter into an alarm because it is not a lethal disease and the work carried out by the Ministry of Health is one of permanent epidemiological surveillance.