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Bolivian health officials confirmed this week the first case of human rabies in Cochabamba. The case is a 7-year-old girl in the southern part of the city, according to a Los Tiempos report (computer translated). The girl died Tuesday, after being hospitalized for two days in brain death.

Image/Robert Herriman

“The case of the child we suspected of rabies has been positive in the laboratory, both in spinal brain fluid and in brain mass. The lethality of the disease is very high, ” said the head of the Headquarters Epidemiology Unit, Arturo Quiñones.

He urged the population to inform the health centers of the death of their pets if it is perceived that they have symptoms of rabies for follow-up and noted that the owners must monitor the contact of the children with the dogs to make a treatment timely.

Quiñones said the victim’s family and dog owners are treated.