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In a follow-up on the dengue fever outbreak in Bolivia in early 2023, the Ministry of Health and Sports reports that through January 24, 1,010 total dengue fever cases have been reported.


The department of Santa Cruz is the one with the highest number of infected, 712 in total, followed by Beni 213, Tarija 37, La Paz 30, Pando 9, Chuquisaca 7 and Cochabamba 2.

In fact, health authorities in the department of Santa Cruz declared last Thursday a red alert for a dengue epidemic that is currently affecting at least 17 municipalities.

Under the red alert, epidemiological surveillance will be intensified and health and laboratory services will be reinforced, said the manager of Epidemiology of Sedes Santa Cruz, Carlos Hurtado.

The official added that fumigation and destruction of breeding sites of the mosquito that transmits dengue will be carried out. Hurtado also referred to the importance of timely laboratory diagnosis and adequate treatment in health services.

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