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On Friday, the Bolivia Ministry of Health and Sports reported 398 additional dengue fever cases, bringing the country total to 5,347 since the beginning of the year.


The department of Santa Cruz reported the highest number of infected with a total of 3,982, followed by Beni 737, Tarija 296, La Paz 127, Pando 42, Chuquisaca 113 and Cochabamba 50.

The total deaths tally is now 18.

The national government is finalizing the details for the mega-mobilization next Sunday in the second minga action “Defense Shields against Dengue” and for this they asked the population of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, be vigilant in your neighborhoods so that the entire population from their homes eliminate waste that could be the focus of mosquito breeding sites.

“Let’s always start at home, and our homes in our patio, at the entrance, in the garden, in our neighborhood, we have to be vigilant that there is cleanliness,” said the Vice Minister of Promotion, Epidemiological Surveillance and Traditional Medicine, María Renee Castro.

The national government, in a joint effort with the Governorate and municipality of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, will execute a neighborhood Minga for cleaning, fumigation and medical care in the Fight against Dengue that will mobilize more than 8,000 people including military, police, medical, and technical personnel. , public servants and population.

Castro explained that for this work, which will begin after 5:00 a.m. on Sunday, logistical details will be finalized to allow the participation of all the people as a whole so that the results are optimal, and he stressed that this action recommended by President Luis Arce, has the objective of protecting the health and life of the population.

“We are going to work first on garbage collection, there are certain districts that have a more critical situation than others, later we are going to apply Biolarvicide and fumigation, but this task will not only be on Sunday, we want to give tranquility to the neighbors, we start on Sunday, but we will be there throughout the week, “he said.

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He announced that apart from the request that the Government and the Departmental Health Service sent last year for its annual plan, the national government is acquiring insecticide to deliver an additional lot.

“Dengue is not a new disease, it is not something that we have only become aware of last year, it is an endemic disease that in fact has been circulating in our country for several years and especially in the eastern region, therefore we already know what has to be done,” he added.