In a follow-up on the hantavirus outbreak  in the military camps of the Joint Task Force of the Yungas in La Asunta, Bolivian health officials said Friday (computer translated) that so far there are 19 positive cases of hantavirus in La Asunta. The last ones are two members of the Joint Task Force who were evacuated to the Foianini Clinic in the city of Santa Cruz.

Image/Alvaro1984 18
Image/Alvaro1984 18

“For better management and to avoid complications such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, the respective evacuation of two FTC personnel from La Asunta to the Foianini clinic in the department of Santa Cruz was carried out,” officials explained.

The patients are hemodynamically stable (blood pressure and heart rate) without apparent complications.

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The has been 40 hantavirus cases reported this year in Bolivia–19 are from the Joint Task Force camps of La Asunta municipality – La Paz, 2 from Cochabamba, 9 from Tarija and 10 of Santa Cruz.

Hantavirus is a severe acute viral disease, transmitted by saliva, feces and urine of field mice (mainly long-tailed mice).