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A 13-year-old teenager contracted rabies after being bitten by her own dog, the Head of the Zoonosis Program of the Departmental Health Service (SEDES) of Potosí, Ricardo Flores Valverde said.

Image/Robert Herriman

She is from the upper area of ​​the Imperial Villa.

She was bitten by her own puppy and a few days later she presented a series of difficulties in her health for which she was admitted in intensive care at a medical center where she remains with a reserved diagnosis.

On December 28, samples were taken and on December 29 they obtained the the diagnosis confirming that the adolescent tested positive for human rabies.

“The mother stated that the patient, approximately one month before admission, had been bitten by a puppy. She claims to have had five puppies, two would have already given them away and of the three, one of them had signs of distemper, ” added the doctor.