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In Bolivia, the director of Epidemiology, Virgilio Prieto reported this Thursday that an atypical case of measles was reported in the city of Santa Cruz.

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The patient is a 29-year-old pediatrician with no travel history, no contact with tourists and she was vaccinated as a child.

“We say it is an atypical case because despite being vaccinated, she presented signs and symptoms that are not from the disease, which, like all virosis, presents with fever, cough, runny nose, and skin spots,” the authority explained in a statement.

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The patient underwent tests and in all of them came out positive, it is suspected that the contagion may have originated in an unvaccinated minor, taking into account the care provided by the health professional.

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“For about 20 years we were eradicated despite the virus spreading again in the region.”

Before the outbreak of the disease, the Ministry of Health activated control measures, such as the isolation of the patient and the investigation of the contacts.

Vaccination is also carried out in the patient’s close environment, likewise, the appearance of suspicious cases is followed up and the active search for other cases is carried out.

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