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The Bolivia Ministry of Health and Sports activated actions to prevent the spread of Hantavirus cases that occurred in Santa Cruz, in close coordination with the National Center for Tropical Diseases (Cenetrop) and the Departmental Health Service (SEDES), the latter which has the task of socializing the effects and prevention of the disease as its primary responsibility.

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“Entrusted by the Minister of Health and Sports, Jeyson Auza, to ensure the health of the population, we are working in coordination with Cenetrop and SEDES, to be able to intervene in places of risk with what is the prevention of this disease, how to prevent it from spreading,” Álvaro Argandoña, a medical professional from the National Zoonosis Program, said at a press conference.

A couple of days ago and after more than a year there were three cases of Hantavirus in the department of Santa Cruz, a disease that is contracted by breathing the droppings of jungle or rural rodents.

Argandoña recommended that the population avoid the presence of rodents or live with them, for which they should permanently check their walls and if there are holes, seal them in a way that prevents them from forming their dwelling in them.

He reported that there is a favorable evolution of the three patients, two of them were discharged and one remains hospitalized but left intensive care, however, he stressed that both those who have already overcome the disease and the suspects are permanently monitored by the staff of Health.

“On the issue of risk communication, make information through the media, socialize the authorities who have to influence their population in what is the best food management, garbage collection and have a healthier environment”, accurate.

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