Health officials in Bolivia reported the fifth yellow fever case in Cochabamba, according to local media (computer translated).

Bolivia Image/CIA World Factbook
Image/CIA World Factbook

The director general of Health Services of the Ministry of Health, Rodolfo Rocabado said, “We are taking action in an endemic area.We have an epidemiological team that is working together with the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) We are taking actions reinforcing our vaccination campaigns to people who were not vaccinated because the teams are moving in that area (Caranavi) and we are investigating the presence of the vector.”

Faced with this situation, Rocabado said that they continue with epidemiological surveillance to detect suspicious cases and intensify controls.

“The alert continues, surveillance has been strengthened and that has allowed us to detect these cases because we have an intensive surveillance,” he said.

Last February 14, the first case of yellow fever was reported in the department of La Paz. It was a Danish who visited the municipality of Caranavi, and was diagnosed with the disease. This forced the Ministry of Health to issue an alert and reinforce border control over land and air.