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The Bolivia Ministry of Health recorded a record 2,036 COVID-19 cases Saturday, bringing the total in the country to 58,138.

La Paz registered 713 new infections, Santa Cruz 495, Tarija 319, Cochabamba 232, Pando 121, Oruro 65, Chuquisaca 52, Beni 28 and Potosí 11.

The accumulated number of COVID-19 infections by department places Santa Cruz in first place with 29,484, La Paz 8,922, Cochabamba 6,277, Beni 5,068, Oruro 2,177, Tarija 2,347, Chuquisaca 1,588, Pando 1,178 and Potosí 1,097.

In addition, 57 new deaths were reported (Santa Cruz 19, Cochabamba 15, Pando 7, Tarija 6, Chuquisaca 5, La Paz 2, Oruro 2 and Beni 1), making a total of 2,106 deaths nationwide.

A study by the Epidemiology Directorate of the Ministry of Health established that Bolivia has a coronavirus case fatality rate of 4.2% per day.

“The accumulated case fatality rate in Bolivia is 3.7 per 100 patients, with Pando (7.9), Cochabamba (7.4), Oruro (6.6) and Beni (5.5) being the departments with the highest accumulated rate in the region”, pointed out the epidemiological analysis.

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Regarding the situation of the coronavirus in the country, the study mentions that in the department of La Paz there are 300 to 400 cases per day and that on average 6 to 8 people die, with a fatality rate of 2 %.

While Santa Cruz presents more than 600 cases with a daily average of 20 to 25 deaths, a case fatality rate of 3.3% per day.

While in Cochabamba between 150 to 200 cases per day and more than 15 deaths are diagnosed, which places its case fatality rate per day at 10%.