On the Valentine’s Day airing of the Outbreak News This Week radio show, I had the privilege to interview two very knowledgeable experts in their respective fields.

#1 Borrelia mayonii spirochetes/Adam Replogle
#1 Borrelia mayonii spirochetes/Adam Replogle

During the first segment, I spoke with Dr Bobbi Pritt with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota about the recently published discovery of a new species of bacteria (Borrelia mayonii) that causes Lyme disease in people.

Dr. Pritt discussed how Mayo researchers made the discovery and the differences and similarities seen between Lyme caused by Borellia mayonii and Borrelia burgdorferi.

During the second segment, Florida rheumatologist, Dr David Sikes, who treats patients with severe psoriasis and other severe skin diseases, joined me for an in depth interview on psoriatic disease.

For more information on psoriatic disease, visit the National Psoriasis Foundation at psoriasis.org

For the complete interviews, listen to the podcast below:

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