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Portugal health officials have confirmed a small botulism outbreak in the northeastern region of  the country, according to a report posted on ProMED-Mail.

Portugal map/CIA
Portugal map/CIA

The author of the post states  that four cases of food-borne botulism related to the consumption of homemade smoked ham in mid- July were confirmed in Bragança district.

The 1st 2 patients, a middle-aged man and a pregnant woman, were admitted at Vila Real hospital. A 3rd patient, a middle-aged woman was later admitted at a hospital near Lisbon. The 4th patient, the latter’s sister, was evaluated and discharged at Sao Joao Hospital Center, in Porto.

All patients developed symptoms in the 1st 36 hours following ingestion, with all manifesting blurred vision, dry mouth, and dysphagia. The 3rd patient’s most prominent symptoms were nausea, extreme vomiting, and constipation. The 4th patient also had prodromal diarrhea.

Botulinum toxin B was confirmed in the stools of three patients and in the serum of all patients.

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All four patient have since been discharged and are being followed as outpatients. All recovered without administration of antitoxin and none required mechanical ventilation.


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