Brainsy, Inc. announces launch of the Zika Virus Expert Calling Network (“Zika ECN”) (, an Expert Calling Network (ECN®) and knowledge-sharing hub which brings together stakeholders in the US from various disciplines with the aim to educate, combat, contain, and eventually eradicate the Zika virus in the US.

Image/Zika Virus ECN
Image/Zika Virus ECN

“The CDC and international organizations have indicated that the Zika Virus is much scarier than originally thought,” stated Brian Christie, CEO of Brainsy, Inc., operator of the Zika ECN. “And while public agencies are working hard to inform the public on how to safeguard against Zika, we feel there is a role for a cutting-edge technology platform and knowledge-sharing hub that makes expertise and knowledge more readily accessible to a range of stakeholders working to combat this insidious threat.”

The Zika virus has been definitively linked to cause microcephaly, a birth defect, and is being considered as one potential cause of the nervous system sickness Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). The Aedes aegypti mosquito is seen as the primary vector of Zika but the Aedes albopictus (Asian tiger) mosquito has also been found to carry the virus. The Zika virus can also be transmitted between humans through sexual contact.

Some experts initially included in the launch of the ECN:

  • James Crowe, Professor and Director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center
  • Matthew DeGennaro, Assistant Professor, Biomolecular Sciences Institute, Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University
  • Esther Ellis, Territorial Epidemiologist for the US Virgin Islands
  • Stephen J. Gluckman, Medical Director, Penn Global Medicine, Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Kenneth Gorson, Professor of Neurology at Tufts University School of Medicine
  • Aileen Marty, Professor at Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Director of the FIU Health Travel Medicine Program and Vaccine Clinic at Florida International University
  • Julia E. Painter, Assistant Professor of Global and Community Health (GCH) at GMU
  • Andrea Poretti, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Division of Pediatric Radiology, The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

In a written correspondence to the company about the Zika ECN, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated that, “CDC commends Brainsy for powering knowledge-sharing platforms.”

Experts will self-designate their areas of specialty when participating in the Zika ECN and will set their own rates to respond to one-on-one Call Requests. Discussions can range from as little as 15 minutes to one hour in duration. Experts will also have access to features of the Personal Media ECN® to enable them to post and distribute content of interest and to publicly respond in writing to questions in a Q&A format.

Brainsy envisions the ECN will eventually feature hundreds, if not thousands, of relevant experts so in conjunction with the launch, Brainsy is accepting applications from prospective new US-based experts who can apply on the Zika ECN website: