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The Ministry of Health in Alagoas state has reported 11 confirmed cases of measles since May this year in two municipalities.


According to the G1 report, the cases are reported from the cities of Capela (10) and Maceió (1). The patients were treated in an outpatient basis, without the need for hospitalization.

Alagoas went 19 years without a case of the disease; however, measles returned to circulation in 2019 . In 2020, three cases were confirmed in Alagoas.

According to the Ministry of Health, the virus is in circulation in six states in the country: Alagoas, Pará, São Paulo, Amapá, Ceará and Rio de Janeiro.

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Measles is highly contagious, causes fever, malaise, body aches, red spots on the skin and can even kill. The only effective form of prevention is a vaccine.

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