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The Secretary of State for Health confirmed recently 12 more deaths caused by dengue. In the last seven days, Paraná reported 2,682 more cases of dengue, the disease transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Aedes aegypti

With the data included in the weekly bulletin on the disease , Paraná has accumulated 132,328 confirmed cases and 88 deaths caused by dengue .

Severe cases of the disease total 2,817, according to the State Department of Health. Dengue is spread across all 22 health regions of Paraná , with autochthonous cases recorded in 315 of the 399 municipalities.

Brazil has reported 1,910,657 total dengue cases through the end of July 2022. Of this total, 962,000 cases were confirmed.

774 deaths have been reported year to date.