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The Ministry of Health’s vaccination campaign against COVID-19 continues at an accelerated pace. On September 2, Brazil registered another important mark to put an end to the pandemic character of the disease: 40% of the Brazilian population over 18 years of age is already fully immunized. This means that 64 million Brazilians received either two doses or a single dose of Covid-19 vaccines.

While dose two reaches more and more Brazilians, the first dose has already been applied in the arm of 132 million. The number represents 83.4% of the target audience of 160 million Brazilian adults in the country.

The numbers are a reflection of the population’s broad adherence to the National Vaccination Campaign against Covid-19 and bring a more comfortable epidemiological situation to the country, which generates a feeling of security, hope and confidence in the population. A priority of the Federal Government, the accelerated pace of vaccination brings positive results, such as the drop in the occupancy rate of beds in Covid, infirmary and ICU, which is already below 50% and within normal standards in 19 states of the country.

The moving averages of cases and deaths are also falling and registered, in the last two months, a reduction of 61% and 60%, respectively. “We will continue advancing and counting on everyone’s support. When I took over the Ministry of Health, the goal was to vaccinate one million people a day, a number that we are reaching with normality. If we continue at this pace, it will be possible to vaccinate the entire target audience in the country with two doses until the month of October”, reinforced the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, Brazil has recorded 20,890,779 confirmed cases of Covid-19, with 12,915 registered in the last 24 hours. Regarding deaths, Brazil has 583,628 deaths from coronaviruses. In the last 24 hours, 266 deaths were registered in the official systems.