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A chickenpox outbreak at the José Gonçalves Figueira Municipal School of Basic Education (Emeb), located in the district of São José das Torres, in Mimoso do Sul, led the cancellation of classes for 15 days, according to a A Gazeta report.

A number of varicella, or chickenpox lesions on the face of a young child/CDC

According to officials, 10 cases have been confirmed so far and others are being investigated.

During the suspension of classes, the school will provide instruction online.

The Municipal Health Department of Mimoso do Sul will vaccinate students and employees of Emeb José Gonçalves Figueira against chickenpox.

To help fight the virus, disinfection is being carried out at the school. “Disinfection is a bomb. It makes a mixture with sodium hypochlorite and passes it on the spot to kill the viruses”, explained Morini. Then the place will be sanitized by the cleaning area workers. So far, according to the Secretary of Health, no other district has had confirmed cases of chickenpox.