The Brazil Ministry of Health recorded  45,403 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, putting the total cases at 2,012,151 confirmed cases of the disease.

Image by Paula Paulinha from Pixabay

The country has registered some 1.3 million recoveries from the virus.

The disease is present in 97.4% of Brazilian municipalities. However, more than half of the cities (3,312- 61%) have between 2 and 100 cases.

To date, 76,688 deaths from coronavirus have been reported. Regarding deaths, 3,056 municipalities had records (55%), with 949 (31%) of them having only one confirmed death.


India became the third country to hit 1 million COVID-19 cases today. According to the health ministry, 34,956 new infections were reported in just 24 hours.

Indian subcontinent/CIA

1,003,832 total cases have been reported, including 25,602 deaths.