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Health officials in the São Paulo state, Brazil city of Ribeirão Preto has reported 14,253 confirmed dengue fever cases through May 15 this year, roughly equaling the total for the period in 2019.

Aedes aegypti/CDC

The number of fatalities stand at 3.

“Eighty percent of the cases are in people’s homes and awareness of the population is essential. Each resident must take care of their yard, eliminating sources of standing water so that the mosquito does not develop. Therefore, in addition to our activities, we need a lot of participation of the population cleaning their own house “, warns the Secretary of Health, Sandro Scarpelini.

The director of the Department of Health Surveillance, Luzia Marcia Romanholi Passos, emphasizes the care that must be taken to stop the proliferation of the Aedes aegypt mosquito, which transmits dengue.

“The awareness and help of the population are fundamental for the control of the disease. Therefore, we ask the city residents to clean their houses and their backyards weekly and do not let accumulate standing water, an ideal environment for the mosquito”, warns the director.

Through mid-April 2020, Brazil has reported about 795,000 total dengue cases, including 221 deaths.


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