A neonatal intensive care unit in a hospital in the southern Brazil state of Rio Grande do Sul has been temporarily closed due to an outbreak of enterovirus, which has sickened eight newborns, according to a Globo 1 report (computer translated).


The situation reported at the Windmills Hospital in Porto Alegre is as follows: four confirmed, three suspected cases and at least one death has been reported. The report does not specify which enterovirus strain is implicated in the outbreak.

Hospital officials do say that they have suspended admissions and they are transferring high-risk pregnancies and births in obstetric emergency services to other hospitals, UOL Noticías reports (computer translated).

The hospital was apparently fined for not notifying health authorities of the outbreak.

The institution ensures that you are doing everything possible to avoid contamination. Other services usually follow the hospital. Newborns who were already hospitalized remain in place, with the necessary security measures.

Rio Grande do Sul (Great Southern River) is a state located in the southernmost part region of Brazil.