By NewsDesk @bactiman63

A 25-year-old São Mateus, Espírito Santo man who was confirmed to have spotted fever has died, according to the Municipal Health Department.


According to officials, the young man was infected last week and the disease progressed to a serious condition. He was hospitalized and intubated in São Mateus, but he did not recover.

The area in which he lived is being monitored by the Environmental Surveillance.

Brazilian spotted fever (BSF)is an acute febrile infectious disease caused by Rickettsia rickettsii, transmitted by tick bite.

BSF is a rickettsiosis which manifests itself as an acute febrile infectious disease, of variable severity, from mild and atypical to severe forms. It is characterized by an abrupt onset, with nonspecific signs followed by maculopapular exanthema. Early treatment is essential to avoid more severe forms of the disease. In Brazil, mortality rates are high, between 20 and 30%.