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Diabetes, autoimmune and respiratory diseases and hypertension have been the main pre-existing diseases in patients who die from dengue in Espírito Santo in 2023. Data from the Arboviruses Emergency Operations Center (COE/ES), of the Health (Sesa), show that, of the 43 deaths confirmed so far, 24 of them were people with one or more comorbidities, that is, about 56%.

Aedes aegypti

Comorbidities are diseases or conditions that can increase health risks, in case the bearer becomes infected with a pathogenic agent. In the case of dengue in Espírito Santo, data have shown that most deaths have other underlying diseases, with emphasis on hypertension.

“Hypertension was common in 18 of the 24 dengue deaths that had comorbidities. It is important that everyone, whether or not they have a comorbidity, can take care of themselves against dengue, helping to inspect the sites, cleaning, using repellent, etc. In addition, for those who already have an underlying disease, it is important not to fail to take care of themselves and undergo the appropriate treatment”, informed the Undersecretary of State for Health Surveillance at Sesa, Orlei Cardoso.

Another important data is related to the age group of the deaths. About 76% of them occurred in people aged over 40 years, with the age group 80 to 89 years being the most frequent, with eleven deaths, followed by the age group 60 to 69 years, with nine deaths.

In view of the current scenario experienced by the State with a dengue epidemic, and also the increasing number of reported cases of other arboviruses, such as chikungunya and zika, the Health Department reiterates its precautions in order to remain vigilant regarding the signs and symptoms to start hydration , in addition to the importance of seeking health services.

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“We always emphasize the importance of the entire population being aware of the signs and symptoms of dengue and other arboviruses. He had a fever, headaches and body aches, look for a health service and start hydration right away, with the ingestion of water, homemade serum and juices”, reinforced the undersecretary Orlei Cardoso.

Profile of deaths from dengue in 2023

So far, Espírito Santo has confirmed 43 deaths from dengue. Of these, 15 were male and 28 were female.

Regarding comorbidities, a total of 24 deaths had one or more underlying diseases, such as hypertension (18), diabetes (09), liver diseases (01), autoimmune diseases (01), hematological diseases (01), respiratory diseases (01) and others (02).

As for the age group, one death was confirmed in the age groups from 0 to 9 years and from 30 to 39 years; two deaths in the age groups of 30 to 39 years and 90 to 99 years; four deaths aged 70 to 79 years; six deaths aged 40 to 49 years; seven deaths aged 50 to 59 years; nine deaths aged 60 to 69 years; and eleven deaths aged 80 to 89 years.