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According to a report in the news source DOL (computer translated):


Residents of Cametá, in northeastern Pará, are concerned about a wave of death for patients who manifested respiratory syndromes and hemorrhages in recent weeks. Teams from the Municipal and State Health Departments (Sespa) are investigating the case together with teams from the State’s Central Laboratory (Lacen) and the Evandro Chagas Institute (IEC) who have already received collections of materials to be examined.

Since last December 15th, at least six people have died after experiencing shortness of breath, coughing, fever, chest pain and hematemesis (vomiting blood). All were being treated at the Regional Hospital of Cametá, which notified Sespa about the deaths. An Epidemiological Surveillance team from Cametá is also monitoring the case. In addition to the six victims, a seventh person was seen at the unit, but was discharged.

According to the State Department of Public Health, the cases undergo investigation, by Lacen-PA and IEC, for detection of respiratory viruses and other diseases such as dengue, yellow fever and leptospirosis. Sespa also claims that it is not possible to say whether or not there is a relationship with the H3N2 virus, as the cases are still under investigation.

The municipality of Cametá informed that analyzes were carried out on the patients’ medical records and that data were collected from the victims’ relatives. The municipal administration also announced that it awaits the results of Lacen and Instituto Evandro Chagas to close the cases.