In a follow-up on the Brazil measles outbreak, as of August 28, 1,553 cases have been confirmed and 6,975 remain under investigation.


Currently, the country is facing two measles outbreaks: in Amazonas, which already computes 1,211 cases and 6,905 cases in research, and in Roraima, with 300 cases of the disease recorded, of which 70 are still under investigation.

The outbreaks are related to importation, as the genotype of the virus (D8) that is circulating in the country is the same that circulates in Venezuela, a country that has been facing an outbreak of the disease since 2017. Some isolated and import-related cases were identified in the states of São Paulo (2), Rio de Janeiro (18); Rio Grande do Sul (16); Rondônia (2), Pernambuco (2) and Pará (2).

CDC travel alert: Measles in Brazil

The Ministry of Health remains monitoring the situation and providing the necessary support to States.

To date, 7 deaths have been confirmed for measles, 4 deaths in the state of Roraima (3 in foreigners and 1 in Brazilian) and 3 deaths in the state of Amazonas (all Brazilians, two in the municipality of Manaus and one in the state of Amazonas). municipality of Autazes).

On the closing day of the national vaccination campaign, 80% of children under one year of age were vaccinated against polio and measles throughout the country.

Venezuela measles outbreak: 3,500 lab-confirmed cases in 2018

According to the officials, as of Friday, Amapá, Rondônia and Pernambuco have already vaccinated more than 95% of the children, that is, reached the goal of the Ministry of Health.

Measles rash Image/CDC
Measles rash

However, ten states are below the national average of 80% of children vaccinated against both diseases. Rio de Janeiro continues with the lowest rate of vaccination, followed by Roraima, the Federal District, Amazonas, Acre, Pará, Bahia, Piauí, Mato Grosso do Sul and Rio Grande do Sul.

Across the country, more than 18 million doses of the vaccines were administered (about 9 million each). The guidance is for local managers to re-mobilize and the vaccine can be applied to more than 2.7 million children under the age of five who are not yet protected against the two diseases.

“Everyone’s participation has made it possible to vaccinate 80% of our children’s target audience for the campaign, but to be protected we need to reach the 95% target. That is why all of us, managers, parents, caregivers, health professionals, must continue to join forces. It is through vaccination that we will prevent diseases that have already been eliminated from returning to Brazil. It is necessary that health managers, as well as parents and caregivers, become aware of the importance of vaccination against these diseases, “says Health Minister Gilberto Occhi.





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